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Corporate responsibility

Interfoam Group of Companies business is based on the principle of sustainable development. We are confident that corporate social responsibility is the harmonious combination of many factors which secure the long-term economic, social and environmental safety of the company. For many years the Interfoam Group of Companies has applied the principles of corporate social responsibility based on solid values which gives us the right to be called the socially responsible business. These principles are aimed at, first of all, safety and health of our employees, high quality of our products and high environment safety standards. Our employees are of great value for us. Our success directly depends on our employees and our reputation is the key factor to our achievements.


Intefoam Group of Companies key corporate responsibilities  


We strictly keep with the laws regulating the labor and production safety. The workplace safety program is an integral part of the internal corporate training programs. It is mandatory that when implementing new technologies, raw materials or machines the suppliers or a R&D institute provide training for the Group’s employees. The Group has introduced the standards of learning organization, carries out internal seminars for professional training, leadership and team-building trainings.  


Interfoam Group of Companies strictly keeps to the norms and standards defined by the laws of Ukraine. The highest quality and safety of our products are the main priority of the company. It is also the responsibility before customers and business partners. The company has implemented the ISO 9000-1:2008 quality management system.


Our production business is regulated by various environment safety laws and norms among which are those regulating air emission and water pollution. We maintain preventive measures to localize potential pollution and threats to flora and fauna. Our plants have never violated environment and sanitary prohibitions and have never been subjected to fines or penalties for such violations. Interfoam Group of Companies strictly keeps to the legislation of Ukraine which obliges the polyurethane foam makers to obtain permits for installation of new equipment or implementation of new technologies. Besides, for us the environment awareness means the modern approach to resource-saving and energy-saving technologies, introduction of environment friendly raw materials in all the production processes.