Mission and vision, values

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Mission and vision, values

Our Mission 

Our Mission – We make life better and bring comfort into every home by providing high quality Flexible Foam production and distribution services.   We persist in the development and expansion of Flexible foam market and we are the leader in the Ukrainian market. We contribute to the development of  our customers’ businesses by providing quality solutions to their challenges. We make all our employees happy by providing them with self-development and career opportunities.


Our Vision

Striving for comfort and higher living standards peculiar to a man is the engine of progress, economy and civilization.


Our Values  

The highest quality 

We respect our customers’ requirement of excellent quality of our products and services by offering them exclusive products to make their business productive and effective. We apply our talents and knowledge to maintain progress and keep discovering innovative solutions to make the world a better place.


We consider ourselves to be the leaders of the industry and we are proud of our achievements. We are self-assured and we are ready to overcome any difficulties to fulfill the most challenging tasks. Our self-assurance is based on our capabilities, achievements, experience and knowledge that allow us to succeed, bear responsibility for the results and remain the leader of the industry.


We have always been committed to the code of professional ethics and fulfilled our obligations. Moreover, the generally accepted code of business has always been a guideline for our decision making. We are exacting to ourselves and try to induce those around us to follow the same code of business ethics – we are confident that such relationships will contribute to trust and respect of the public.


We operate confidently on the Ukrainian market which enables us to provide trouble-free services of the highest quality to each of our customers taking into consideration his individual requirement. We maintain stability in whatever we do and we believe that stability is the key to a company’s or an individual’s success.


We value our reputation and do our best to keep our every customer informed of our services and our company’s activity. The policy of transparency is the basis for the trust of our customers’, partners and community.