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Elastic PU foam

Polyurethane foam is the Group’s largest business which comprises production, processing and distribution of flexible polyurethane.

Flexible polyurethane (flexible foam) is a unique foamed polymer unrivalled by other synthetic and natural materials for soft furniture, automotive and aircraft seats applications.

Flexible foam by Interfoam Group of Companies is segmented into: standard foams, memory foam, special foam and composite foam. Each of the segments has its own characteristics, production process and applications. The block flexible foam is produced  at the plants of the Group in two ways:

  • Сontinuous production process - The Group plants are equipped with Maxfoam machines by Cannon Viking with the capacity of 350 kg/min and 430 kg/min located in Obukhov and Sinelnikovo respectively. This method of production provides high quality and minimum scrap loss and is characterized by good repeatability of consumer properties of the flexible foam.
  • Batch production process - The Group plants can make polyurethane blocks in small batches (the block weight is 60-100 kg compared to 6 ton blocks of continuous production process). Small batch production enables to make certain types and brands of polyurethane to meet customers’ nonstandard or spot requirements.

Besides, the highly technological foam block cutting and processing equipment enable us to manufacture various types of flexible foam: foam sheets, foam rolls, perforated foam, profiled foam and various contour details.