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Consumer goods


  • High-quality sponges from different lines (presented in the elite, middle and lower price segments)
  • The uniqueness of these products lies in the innovative production technology, which leads them into the ranks of BIO
  • Laboratory tested and approved by dermatologists
  • The combination of high-tech environmentally friendly product, as well as the manufacturer’s quality assurance,  have the Ministry of Health conclusion for the direct health benefits of each of the elements used in the manufacturing process















The company has specifically developed Highfoam Bio™ technology for the household branch.

  • Highfoam Bio™ is a trademark of flexible foam, that combines different types of foam with the reduced emission of volatile compounds.
  • Highfoam Bio ™ has designed to use the product manufacturing to give them unique consumer properties, which are expressed in giving the material naturalness and environmental friendliness.













Materials, technology

  • Creation of the  environmentally friendly product group for the humans and for the environment
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions